“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion” - Unknown

Our Culture

At Ridgemont Hospitality, we believe that our success is built on a foundation of strong values. We are committed to upholding these values in everything we do, and they guide our decisions and actions every day. We believe in creating a future that is built on these values.

Our Values

Enriching lives and communities through the warmth of hospitality is our goal. Our values are our roadmap.

  • Excellence

    Our commitment to excellence means going above and beyond what is expected. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

  • Integrity

    We believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

  • Celebrate

    We celebrate milestones and accomplishments together. We foster a culture of positivity.

  • Accountability

    We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and we hold ourselves accountable. We take ownership of our wins and our mistakes.

  • Communication

    We foster an environment of open and honest communication, where your voice is heard and respected. We listen to others with empathy and respect. We encourage feedback and collaboration.

  • Respect

    We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We value diversity and inclusivity, and we are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.

  • Having Fun
    Having Fun

    Having fun and experiencing joy is just as important as being productive and at Ridgemont Hospitality we embrace a culture of having fun.

Ridgemont In the Community

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